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We could distinguish between strong ego as meaning confidence that we know ourselves perhaps closest to what is meant by being egotistical , and strong ego as strong second-guessing, the ability to see ourselves negotiating. That would be egoistical. All the myths revealed here are interesting.

While most of them are yet to be realized, I agree with the 8th point that there is no way to escape ego. This is because ego cannot be killed, it needs to be transformed from its wrong interpretation to the right one. Ego or "I" cannot be killed but egoism of "I am Mr.. More on this is well explained at:. One is what you described as the buddhism idea, that the self is impermanent and therefore doesn't exist. I think a buddhist might have comments on this--I'm not a buddhist, but I'd guess it might go somewhere along the lines of, "the self as we see it is really part of a much larger structure and the importance we assign to our fleeting divergence from the larger structure is misguided.

Two is what you described as the cogsci idea, that the self is only composed of physical elements and therefore doesn't exist. Again, I think a cognitive scientist which I'm not would argue that the physical elements are so much more complexly intricate than a computer that it's insulting to the amazing feat of architecture that is the human brain to compare it to the simplistic automatons we know as computers.

At the same time, the interplay of physical elements gives rise to the ability to regard ourselves as sentient, even if all of our decisions really come down to billions upon billions of physical factors coming together in a totally unique and unreproducible way. Both these ideas deserve to be debated--neither should be accepted as truth at a first glance.

But at the same time, both ideas deserve to be debated--neither should be rejected in a few brief paragraphs. Very good point, and I meant to add links to other writing where I or colleagues challenge the "material eliminativist" arrgument that minds are very complex computers.

And then a few articles:. A question then: Would you extend such quote-bans to all schools of thought? Should you not be allowed to quote Christ if you don't attend mass? Should we never quote Iyengar unless we do his yoga? Should you not be allowed to challenge me unless you write blogs for psychology today?

Or is your proposed ban just applicable to your sacred sect? I mean where would you draw the line? I have meditated. You could address the content of my argument or your could simply try to get the last word by saying "Shutup, cause you don't know" Which doesn't seem particularly Buddhist.

Who says? Are you a dilettante in decision theory and moral philosophy or journalistic ethics? If so by your own standards you should not be quoting these field's positions. Perhaps you are not quoting authoritative sources when you say what one shouldn't do, but just speaking your own mind.

Do you mean to control what people say? Alternative responses include you ignoring those people like me who you don't find authoritative or arguing substantively against their positions rather than banning them from talking about the subject because they don't meet your personal standards. So far what I've got from you is that in your personal opinion, a person who in effect, acts as a journalist in quoting verbatim a Buddhist should not be allowed to do so unless they have a meditation practice.

Thank you for sharing your proposed edict. As it stands I don't find you sufficiently authoritative and therefore will ignore you. I encourage you to do the same with me since you don't find me authoritative. And if anyone else is listening in on our exchange, they can make their own decisions about what to ignore and attend to. The true you is that which perceives ego. And that which perceives even perception. There is only 1. There is no ego because there is no me. There is only the great I AM under which all illusions of separateness take place.

Ummm Huh? You trying to get clear on this stuff or lull us into some dreamy state with esoteric poesy? Evolution by natural selection or any kind of selection explains why we live in a universe filled with design. You say "life is distinguishable by the internal work organisms do to keep regenerating themselves My question is this: When on the timeline from the very first replicating things did this ability to do internal work to maintain themselves emerge?

It seems there are only two answers: this ability to do active work was there at the beginning of evolution by natural selection the very first replicators , or it emerged later on the timeline? I want to understand what you are saying, and the answer to this question would help me immensely. Sorry for my delay dear Bill. By my interpretation, you can't have evolution without that internal self-regenerative work. Many others researchers neglect that internal work, as though evolution could happen on passive molecules that self-replicate.

The RNA world interpretation of the origins of life is like that. Autocatalysis is also like that: Molecule A catalyzes B catalyzes C catalyzes A, so A's indirectly make more of themselves. But what is catalysis?

Blue Wave Physical Therapy - Blog

Not an active process, it's no more active than a sidewalk holding a piece of chewed gum until you happen to step on it, your shoe then bound to the gum. The passive copying as we see in autocatalysis does nothing to preserve itself. In fact it speeds up its own degeneration, depleting at an ever faster clip the raw materials its converting into A's B's and C's until they're gone and the autocatalysis is over.

There's no evolution without selves, no selves without active internal work for self-preservation. That's why self-organization is a misnomer. A hurricane is self-organizing, locally countering the second law of thermodynamics tendency for things to un-correlate, to get disorganized. But a hurricane is not a self. It doesn't work to preserve itself, it's rather self-exhausting, the way a whirlpool drains the water that makes it.

Past research published in the BMJ has argued that doctors often miss CHD in women because of the different set of symptoms and because women themselves do not seek medical attention early on.

Moreover, they add that: "Women are less likely to seek medical help and tend to present late in the process of their disease. They are also less likely to have appropriate investigations, such as coronary angiography and, together with late presentation to hospital, this can delay the start of effective treatment. Specialists have been trying to find better ways of assessing and diagnosing women with heart problems, but they acknowledge there is still a long way to go in this respect. One review , which appears in the journal Circulation Research , notes, "For the past 3 decades, dramatic declines in heart disease mortality for both men and women have been observed, especially in the [over] 65 years age group.

But why is this the case? The study authors argue that it may all be down to the underrepresentation of female populations in clinical studies for heart and vascular problems. They write:. As long as women are underrepresented in clinical trials, we will continue to lack data to make accurate clinical decisions on 51 [percent] of the world's population. If adults, in general, struggle to receive a diagnosis, the situation is even worse in the case of women. Research has shown that both families and healthcare professionals are biased towards believing that boys and men are more likely to have ADHD, and they are more likely to ignore similar symptoms in girls and women.

In fact, some sources indicate that up to three-quarters of all women with ADHD never receive a diagnosis, and in the case of children, doctors diagnose fewer girls than boys with ADHD. Moreover, girls have to wait longer than boys to receive a diagnosis of ADHD. While boys, on average, receive a diagnosis at age 7, girls have to wait until they reach the age of 12 to get the same clinical attention.

In a review published in The Primary Care Companion for Central Nervous System Disorders , researchers explain that in boys and men, ADHD manifests as hyperactivity and impulsiveness; in girls and women, this condition takes a different guise. In women and girls, the primary symptom of ADHD is inattentiveness, which doctors may struggle to spot.

Often doctors take this less seriously. The same source also suggests that girls and women with ADHD may develop ways of masking their symptoms. Some may appear to have better coping strategies than boys and men with the same condition. Also, because people with ADHD sometimes have other mental health problems, such as anxiety , depression , and obsessive-compulsive disorder , the review authors point out that existing evidence indicates that doctors will much more eagerly diagnose women as living with a mental health condition, but deny them an ADHD diagnosis.

It is too late to take medication for it at my age; as they say, [it would be like] shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Although medical systems across the globe have come a long way in terms of providing better quality care at an appropriate time, such accounts make one issue very apparent, namely that discrimination is still present in clinical research and health care.

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Tierney explains, that by trying to control through criminal law which chemicals free citizens put into their bloodstreams, the sacrosanct relationship between doctor and patient is also jeopardized. The next month, he was arrested and faced up to 40 years of federal time on marijuana cultivation and distribution charges.

Good for Rhode Island! Cecil Knox and associate Beverley Boone. And they are still fighting their asses off for us all, only because it's right, as far as I can tell. They could have copped a plea. Excerpt of a letter by 'G. I either get the proper treatment for pain which will make me a productive member of society or I will kill myself My pain is sharp, constant and, dehumanizing I can easily purchase the weapon that will lead to my demise, however I can't [find a doc willing to give me] a legitimate prescription to ease my pain and bring me back from the precipice.

This isn't an assessment. This is an insult. Wilkinson, former patient of Dr. Siobhan you are our leader; you have so earned everything we can do to assist you. Vindictive Prosecutor, how do you like being the focus of pre-indictment publicity? OK, if you didn't know it, now you do. Siobhan Reynolds and PRN are here; get used to it. This Worm Will Turn.

About John Quintner

Richard Nelson leaving his patients in Billings Montana unable to find any physicians willing to prescribe the opioid pain meds they need. Thanks Ed! Nice to start the day with a good laugh. Exactly who is harming whom? Please see: [ Drugs are Bad. Compared to What? Then, compare U. Big deal. Examiner ; " [The Hurwitz conviction] did not clarify when he crossed the line into criminality. The resulting uncertainty Emeigh; Post-Tribune ; Pain patients will now find it even more difficult to find a doctor willing to treat them and risk the fate of William Hurwitz.

America is insane. Comment: This is the first publication of these works. I am grateful to Dr. Hurwitz for allowing this; it is an honor. Thank you Mr. Hurwitz, for paying the price. The well-fed pack then takes its leisurely time to finish the kill. That's not what's going on here. Heberle did or didn't do. No one can justify destroying all these sick people.

Comment: Gee, the Fed can really mount crackerjack case, huh? This one reads like a bad soap-opera. Comment: Pity the pain patients in Erie. First abandoned when DEA went after Dr. Klees , many were "inherited" by Dr. Now Heberle is closed because one patient allegedly "OD'ed" and DEA is building their usual phony case and he sees the writing on the wall. So who will treat those in need of chronic opioid therapy in Erie now? Comment: This is a phenomenal letter! William Hurwitz Jane Orient, M. By burning Dr. Hurwitz at the stake, we are literally throwing open the gates of Hell. See also: Chill Deepens as Dr.

No wonder doctors are [refusing to prescribe for chronic pain patients]' " - quoting Reynolds, PRN. Comment: I was there. It was frightening and deeply disturbing. There are excellent grounds for appeal! Yo u can help Free Hurwitz on appeal!! Comment: Major coverage of the pain crisis circa mid '90's. This article could pass as current. William Hurwitz by Jane Orient, M. Comment: The Govt. Now that Knox is in remission from cancer, the Govt. Surely, they'd have more success if drug warriors weren't sending the opposite message.

That signal is being heard - the exodus from aggressive treatment of pain is increasing. Comment: - Too bad it took the bad experience of a star reporter to get the Times to take this issue seriously. Comment: Does DEA ever not lie? Life after Hurwitz : 'Good Faith will not save even good docs whose practices have been cleared by State Med. Orient, AAPS]. Comment: This is more thorough than most War on Doctors articles, and more informative.

The War on Pain Sufferers by S.

Meyers, Feb. Pay attention, current and future patients. Doctors for the defense give contrary testimony. Faced with conflicting expert testimony, lay juries tend to convict. Yet the truth about opioids could not be more different. Portenoy, MD, who served as the leading expert on pain medicine for the panel that wrote the FAQ document, said the interim policy statement appears to criminalize practices such as allowing doctors to write smaller, multiple prescriptions with different dates for dispensing.

Leading pain physicians were quick to respond to news of the request, as would be expected, but so was the National Association of Attorneys General , representing the top law enforcement officers in each state. They were not pleased with the agency. Comment: Finally! Are we going to let them live in agony because of the misguided zealotry of federal prosecutors? It's all about giving medicine back to science. Brushwood says we are all to blame for the chilling effect [ Chilling Effect is No Myth , directly below]. Does this mean that Frank Fisher, the exonerated physician dedicated to caring for the poor, and DA Lockyer, who perpetrated this Drug War legal nightmare, are equally at fault here?

This is a cop problem, not a doc problem. We docs take care of drug abuse and pain; the cops invented and perpetuate Prohibition and 'the drug problem' see the difference? First, we must respect DEA Comment: Anslinger who? Gee, I really thought I was going to like this one when I found it. Unfortunately, this is analysis from the "Let's pretend the world began in " school.

It only makes sense if you buy into the Big Lies that drugs turn people into 'criminal addicts,' of venal pill pushing docs that need policing from the Fed, and that the drug problem wasn't, in fact, brought into existence by drug prohibition in the wake of Harrison , Ginsberg wrote [in dissent]: "The decision clears the way for suspicionless, [drug dog] sweeps of parked cars along sidewalks and in parking lots.

Hurwitz's patients were distributing their drugs on the streets, yet did nothing to stop this behavior Masters and two others are charged with engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, trafficking in drugs, illegal processing of drug documents and practicing medicine without a certificate. Trash journalism - merely regurgitates the babble of the DA.

But the quote, from our friend in Law Enforcement, is typically troubling: staggering ignorance expressed almost illiterately. God help us all. This is the Big Lie, that taking 'drugs' makes you into a criminal 'drug addict,' which make the dealer or doctor you got them from a criminal too. Get it? But they intend to 'stay on course. Cihak, M. When Govt. They also sent The "Message" of Hurwitz is: "Both Medicine and Law have become hopelessly corrupt and distorted by the drug war and now operate without pretence of ethics or justice.

Katz said he went to the Talbot Recovery Campus and underwent a five-day evaluation. Comment: This article was emailed to me by an R. Not only do blacks go to jail for drug offenses at a rate 13 times that of whites despite having similar drug use rates Orient, M. Comment: It is my personal belief that until we in America admit our wrongs in demonizing drug users and admit them once again into society as citizens with rights, there will be no assurance of decent health care for pain patients or users.

This is our real "drug problem. But the federal government has remained steadfast against reclassifying marijuana and has repeatedly rejected applications from university researchers who want to study the drug as medicine. Boyer, R. See also: " Drugs are Bad; Compared to What? Here is another cartoon I cannot make out the author's signature, and will try to obtain correct attribution , sent me by Frank Fisher, who got it from Beverly B. Youse tryin to tell me that you servin 15 years of hard time for violating a CPT code?

Whatever dat is. Come on, Doc, ya killed someone didn't ya. Smoked the old lady, I bet!! By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care. When the OxyContin he had relied on was suddenly withdrawn in November, Elliott experienced withdrawal and continuous pain Comment: Billed as a story of 'suicide-by-cop,' this entire incident could have been prevented by basic medical care. Bizarrely, no one asks this question, or seems to care.

Comment: Gee, what 'general changes' do they mean? Those 50 doctors committed egregious acts, such as exchanging prescriptions for sexual favors or kickbacks. Petersberg Times, I don't care in the slightest if keeping a file on me 'maximizes investigators' effectiveness. It is not the job of the citizens to give up their rights to make life easier for the government. About 54 percent of that population are drug felons. The total cost for Comment: The author is senior judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

He discusses differences in State and Federal approach to drug crimes. The former with it's progressive drug courts, the latter with it's mandatory minimums and failure to distinguish between violent and nonviolent crime. Analytical Toxicology; 27 2 ; There was never any reliable evidence for that, either. The antidrug efforts may fatally undermine the far more important anti-terrorism campaign. It's the same mandatory minimum as 28 grams of heroin Each of his pills contained 5 mg oxycodone and mg Tylenol.

For sentencing purposes, though, the latter substance was weighed in as well. Comment: A modern classic of drug war journalism. Wheelchair-bound Richard Paey remains in prison as we approach Thanksgiving, This is SO wrong. You can help. Contact the Pain Relief Network. Jackson's sentence is about 24 years, Bordeaux's about 19 years and Alerre's about eight years Walter was indicted in October One doctor committed suicide before trial.

Comment: I have been in regular communication with Drs Walter and Bordeaux for years, and know them to be physicians of integrity. I have absolutely no doubt that they were practicing legitimate pain medicine and that that was their intent. This is the Fed run amok, and pain patients and substance users are denied basic medical care because the policeman believes in the Big Lie of a prescription drug crisis, and the politicians are cowards.

The past five years has generated an unprecedented list of health care providers charged with murder for allegedly providing inappropriately large quantities of opioids to pain patients. Comment: Good review of the horridly ambiguous "red flags" used by regulators, and also of the cases of Drs. I think it is important to be familiar with these names; these are very important cases.

Please, everyone:!! Anyone who wants marijuana can get it And it's a war that America will lose, if people in pain cannot go to their local physician and get the treatment they need to make life bearable. Comment: Very complete analysis of the media firestorm that became the 'Oxycontin Crisis' and of the real damage done by sensationalism and misinformation.

Demystifying; recommended.

Why do doctors underdiagnose these 3 conditions in women?

Challenging the Feds by Jordan Smith;. Department of Justice doesn't agree with his dire dope assessments According to the annual National Drug Threat Assessment report Comment: How much longer will we accept this? Also, if you think this is just an isolated case, read about poor Richard Paey , in " Mandatory Minimums " by Eric Snider. Comment: I like Sally Satel, though she completely loses me with at least one sentence or idea in every article, and this one is no exception. Still, Sally is a force for good, not evil, IMO. She examines the War on Doctors nightmare largely by a well written review of Frank Fisher's case.

This is about the denial of ethical medical treatment Needless to say When was the last time terrorists used, say, the tobacco trade to finance their operations? But there's hope where it all began. Comment: Can you spell "pork? Read it and weep. On the other Comment: Well written article finds toxic similarities in the mindsets behind both the 'abstinence-uber-alles' mentality and drug war thinking.

More important, it is profoundly dishonest Our tax dollars at work. The DEA were forced to publicly concede that its data on abuse and diversion were not 'reliable, comprehensive, or timely. May, who is] suffering from chronic pain won a major victory when the government agreed to return all of his marijuana growing equipment. May had tried every known medication for his condition, and he tried medical marijuana as a last resort and only upon my recommendation,' Dr.

Parry wrote in an affidavit. Two Countries Took the Drugs Test. Who Passed? They believe this is a social problem, not a criminal one. And all the evidence suggests that their policy works. The U. Frank Fisher's] arrest hasn't ended for his former Thus, the naming of NIDA as a respondent.

Survey shows heightened focus on pain at death - Stretched resources and higher expectations may explain the responses. My dopey, darkly humorous commentary is interspersed into the copy of this example of trash journalism. Print version also improved. Doctors around the country are serving long prison terms after being prosecuted on charges related to overprescribing painkillers. Fisher and the Millers have lost their homes, livelihoods and reputations, but having their freedom leaves them better off than some.

Comment: This is the War on Doctors. Feelscared - Drug warriors put the fear of prosecution in physicians who dare to treat pain - by Maia Szalavitz, ReasonOnline , Aug. Worse, they have transformed disagreements about treatment decisions into criminal prosecutions, scaring physicians away from opioids and compounding the suffering of [pain] patients who have trouble getting the drugs they need People losing their jobs, their property, and their freedom for nothing more than possessing a joint or growing a few marijuana plants.

And all for what?.. Alcohol Prohibition made a lot more sense The only way to protect the public is to guarantee the right of the sick to use marijuana and to stop jailing pot smokers who just want to get high We should treat drug use as a medical, moral, and spirit ual issue -- not a criminal one. Some 76, people were doing time for drug sales, up from 47, in ". We have become a truly barbaric nation. Comment: Oh what a lovely drug war we have promulgated around the world. Truth: drug users are flawed human beings just like you, Mr.

Drug users are not criminals, and 90 years of criminalizing law based on pathetic myths, Big Lies and bad science does not alter that truth. It is the drug warriors who are the murderous criminals in this global tragedy.