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Related Stories. Researchers find birds can theorize about the minds of others, even those they cannot see Feb 02, Mar 10, Jul 19, Four lions escape from S. Africa's Kruger Park Jul 10, Mar 13, Sep 27, Recommended for you.

Rational animal

Hundreds of sharks and rays tangled in plastic Jul 05, DNA from tooth in Florida man's foot solves year-old shark bite mystery Jul 02, Jul 02, User comments. Nov 01, How was this even a question? If animals that think didn't think rationally, they would not survive.

Report Block. Jason Chapman. Most animal think more rationally than humans. Quite right, commenters above. Thanks to our language concepts and ability to think abstractly we can build incredible castles of delusions.

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And do, and convince each other into believing in them. The question they should have asked is whether animals can think irrationally. And if so, to what extent. Otherwise, the authors start from our usual position of hubris of a kind: no other animal can do better in any intellectual category than the dumbest human. And then, surprise findings! Gorillas that learned American Sign Language did indeed make comments that were universally interpreted to be "abstract", and quite rational.

Washoe would opine on the weather, and lament the loss of her pet kitten.

Being Aware of Rational Animals | SpringerLink

About danged time! And yes they can think about thinking, as any pet owner can attest, because dogs at least spend considerable time reading humans and other dogs in the house and periodically try to deceive us or each other. How could a higher species function socially if the individuals weren't thinking about the states of mind of others? Sign in.

Rational Animals - If Only You Could You Hear Me Now

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  • Do animals think rationally? Researcher suggests rational decision-making doesn't require language.

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Are Human Beings Rational Animals?

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