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Fortunately, the Korean churches are opening up more and more to global cooperation and external advice. Yes, often; I am asked questions about it all the time. The division between North and South Korea is already of much longer duration than the German division, and it goes much deeper. In the beginning there was a cruel war against one another, whose wounds are still not healed to this day. Also propaganda in North Korea has put down much deeper roots. In addition, South Korea itself was not a democracy for a long time and still has some democratic deficits, say, in areas such as government corruption.

But yes, German reunification is a constant topic of conversation in South Korea, and the hope has been high since that Korea could experience something similar. There is a parallel, too. However, with regard to North Korea, the Soviet Union was replaced by China which kept North Korea financially alive by payments for access to the sea and holds its protecting hand over the land. When China would terminate its support, reunification should only be a matter of time. Even though the 50 meters high Christmas decorations are adorned by a cross and are set up by Christians in a similar way all over the country: Whether they are lit up or not, is decided by the South Korean Ministry of Defense alone.

So they did not shine from to ; since they shine again. As WEA, we have touched upon the misleading combination of politics and the Christian message several times. Conversely, it is nonsense for the North Korean government to speak of psychological warfare. Among other reasons, because Christmas is banned in North Korea.

For in North Korea no one can see the Christmas trees or the oversized South Korean flags, as the only place in sight, Kijong-dong German: Kaesong, Friedensdorf , is purely a propaganda city, in which there are, to be sure, a huge statue of the dictator and one of the highest flagpoles with a flag weighing tons, but no residents, except for soldiers. The other way around, South Koreans can very well see North Korean propaganda.

Schirrmacher: It needs to be said that information about the well-being of the Christians in North Korea mostly comes out of the country with time delay, be it by refugees, through contacts or visits to the country. Presently it can be observed that the few initiatives, which the churches have in the country, experience that all contacts in the USA are cut.


That affects mainly Korean Christians who are active in North Korea, but who are themselves living in the United States. In the very few projects in which South Koreans are involved, nothing has changed right now. As can generally be observed, the rhetoric exclusively refers to America and hardly at all to South Korea. Besides that, the Christians naturally are not faring well, but so far the conflict did not yet have aggravating effects on them.

RV: You have just recently been travelling in North Korea.

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What is the general humanitarian situation on the local level and what is the specific situation of Christians? One hears of violence against Christians on the one hand and the possibility to have a worship service in peace on the other hand. Schirrmacher: The diverging reports are due to the fact that there is hardly any country in the world, of which we know so little.

What is known, are the descriptions of situations to which someone has direct contact.


Either is true: the Christians, who are in penal camps and the Christians, who in some way are perceived as a threat, are in a very bad condition. But there are, of course, tolerated services in the capital, and if you stick to them and are otherwise inconspicuous, then you also have the opportunity to worship together. Not completely free, but with special permission and under observation of the government, so that not a word too much can be said. The sermons must be signed off beforehand; thus these are no free worship services as we would think of it.

Schirrmacher: The churches in South Korea have, even with the unbelievers, a very high leap of faith. The general language is, that it were the Christians who took action against the military dictatorship, and who have favoured the introduction of democracy.

Plagiarism in Germany

Compared to others, they are also the ones, who are more in favour of a corruption-free state. Surely, the military dictatorship was essentially overthrown by the actions of the churches, but peacefully. This is the basic fundamentals of all Christians in Korea: all are vehemently against a military, violent solution to the conflict.

There is intensive prayer for a peaceful solution in almost every worship service I experience. In a pilot study on the First World War Barbara Christophe and Kerstin Schwedes developed a teaching unit based on the narratives of textbooks from 18 different countries. The second phase will take the form of an intervention study and will analyse how school classes in different countries react to this targeted application of multiperspectivity. Selected publications Monographs Christophe, B.

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Main research areas

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Bibliography on the Extreme Right in Western Europe

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Erdöl, Brot und Korruption - Doku German

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Barbara Christophe

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